M.G.O.C.S.M is one of the oldest Christian Student Organization in India. It is the student wing of the Indian Orthodox Church, officially known as the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church with Headquarters at Devalokam, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

It was formed to bring together Orthodox students at colleges, high schools levels and to create in them brotherly love. Initially, the movement was started in 1907 by a group of Students and Senior leaders in Madras under the name 'Syrian Student Conference'(SSC) with its first Annual meeting held at Thiruvalla, Kerala on January 1, 1908.The "Syrian Student Conference" assumed its present name "Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement" {M.G.O.C.S.M} with the motto "WORSHIP, STUDY & SERVICE” in the year 1960.

The Movement has three main Objectives:

  • to deepen the spiritual life of its orthodox members.
  • to prepare them to be responsible citizens in the Church and Society
  • to encourage them to commit themselves for sacrificial service in the Church and Society.

The high ideals behind finding of the Movement included bringing together the Orthodox Christian students of different educational institutions into one body in order to get them rooted in Orthodox faith and traditions and to strengthen them in spiritual life and Christian fellowship. The Movement has grown as an international one with about 1500 units all over the world. It has been maintaining inter-disciplinary contacts in the academic field for a long time by the formation of its wings. They are the high school, higher secondary, college-post college wings; University, medical auxiliary, technical auxiliary, missionary forum, literary forum and publication wing.

The greatest contribution the Movement has made to the Church is that it has prepared and provided able and outstanding leaders for her service from time to time including Late lamented Metropolitan Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosious, late Metropolitan Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilos, late Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios (Theologian & Former President, WCC), the late Shri C.M. Stephen (Former Union Cabinet Minister), Alexander Joseph and late Dr. P.C. Alexander M.P. (Former Governor of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu). The blessed name of the Patron saint Saint Gregorios of Parumala, the great vision of Saint Saint Dionysius (Vattasseril), the prayerful patronage of holy fathers of the Church and the encouragement of elders have enabled the Movement to serve the Church and the student community at large.

‘M.G.O.C.S.M. Ghaziabad’ started its’ way back in 1997 when Rev Fr P.K. Thomas served as the vicar of St. Thomas Orthodox Church Ghaziabad. One of the senior friends of MGOCSM, Mr Sanjay Raphael visited the parish along with a Brother from the seminary conducted a retreat in the parish co-ordinating the young students of the parish. That was the first ever meeting of the youngsters (born outside Kerala) which gave a humble beginning for MGOCSM unit in Ghaziabad. Mr Varghese (Abey) C. Cherian was elected as its’ first Secretary. The members who were instrumental in developing the unit at that time included Vineeta Varghese, Limsy Varghese, Merlin George, Annie Mathew, Lovelish Abraham, Beena Varghese, Joseph Simon to name a few. Over the years the unit has evolved and has ventured out into many new initiatives, providing platform to the every young minds of the church to develop & showcase their talents and use it for the glory of God & better world. It is headed by diocesan metropolitan, H.G. Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios and the parish vicar.

The unit meets alternative Sundays after the Holy Qurbana, & has strength of around 25 members. The sessions consist of prayer, bible reading, devotional songs, classes/speeches, quizzes, personality development, & entertainting programs. Various other activities which are also organized in unit.

Some of them are:

  • Classes on faith, liturgy and traditions of the church.
  • Educational orientation classes.
  • Providing study materials, uniforms and other scholarships to financially backward students.
  • Awards for academic excellence.
  • Providing clothes, medicines and financial aid to the needy.
  • Building house for needy people in Kerala under ‘Mar Philexenos Housing Project’.
  • Publishing Newsletters and Magazines titled “MANNA”
  • The unit generates its’ fund for such above initiative and activites through sincere hard work and toil of its members every single year by making & sale of Christmas Cake in a large bulk.
  • With year passing, it had developed and became one of the most energetic and dynamic units with being awarded with the ‘Metropolitan Award’ for being the best unit of the Delhi Diocese in 2011.

MGOCSM helps students to review the Sunday school topics, discuss the disturbing thoughts, and doubts they carry, enlighten through seminars and conferences; LOGOS, talent showcasing through cultural competitions; OLIVE, arrival of new year & Christmas get-together, YELDO,and felicitation of board Students & orientation programmes , ARETE.


Secretary : Romy Peter
Joint Secretary : Cliea S Babu
Treasurer : Alex Y John
Worship Sec : Sibin Mathew
Service Sec : Vanya James
Study Sec : Jeena Abraham
Cultural Sec : Donald Joseph
Manna: :
Editor Shijoy Mathew
Team Members: :
Mathew Joseph
Aksa Ann Joy
Aaron Joshua John